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    Bubble Cascade Shower Curtain


    Elevate your bathroom decor with this extraordinary shower curtain, as you shower, watch the bubbles dance and twirl mimics the mesmerizing interplay of colors in a soap bubble, creating a visual symphony of hues that instantly enlivens your space.
    Also available in Deep blue sea, symbolizes the vast ocean, while the playful bubbles add a touch of wonder and delight. It’s a soothing, aquatic escape right in your own home.

    • Made from 100% polyester, durable and soft.
    • One-side printing; measures approximately 36″(W) x 72″(H)
    • Tough and durable, prevent water from splashing out of the shower stall.
    • Machine/hand washable in cold water. Air dry. Do NOT bleach or tumble dry.

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